Cody VanderKaay has lived in both rural and suburban environments of the Midwestern, Southern, and Western United States. Periodic relocation and travel allowed him to experience a variety of living situations, routines, pastime activities, and occupations that inevitably shaped his curiosity. The son of a residential contractor, he was frequently exposed to architecture, carpentry, trade-labor, and the graphic art of drafting. As a young man, he trained himself in a number of related skills and techniques, when, eventually his proclivity for making art objects became his principal interest.

VanderKaay studied sculpture at Northern Michigan University’s School of Art & Design, and the University of Georgia Lamar Dodd School of Art where he received his MFA. After graduating, he relocated to New Orleans, LA, to teach for Loyola University. Today, he is an Associate Professor of Art at Oakland University teaching visual arts courses.

In his studio, VanderKaay uses various methods of fabrication, mold making, casting, assemblage, drawing and collage to produce thought-provoking sculptures and two-dimensonal artworks.